The giveaway includes:

1. You Mad?  (The same shirt that Tom posted on Twitter) My favourite. :)


3. LOKI’D You are such an idiot!

4. Proud Soldier in Loki’s Army.

Size: S/M/L/XL. If you win you just tell me what you use.

Value: U$ 95 (Totally free for you)

  • RULES!

You must be following me. And I’ll check everyday. 

LIKES DO NOT COUNT. (You can only ‘Like’ to save the post)

  • You can reblog this at least 3 times per day. You can reblog 1 time, it’s okay, but the more you do, more chances for you! (Remember, ONLY 3 times per day. I’ll check)
  • The giveaway will be conducted by True Random Number.
  • Be sure that your ASK page it’s working.
  • Ends on 28 of July! It’s worldwide! 
  • I will use FedEx and may take 20 days to arrive.
  • More giveaways.

Good luck! :)